ZTE to run 2.0 GHz processor in next generation smartphones

Chinese mobile phone manufacturer ZTE has announced that Intel’s dual-core Atom Processor Z2580 will run its next batch of smartphones.

Announced at the Mobile World Conference 2013, the partnership will allow ZTE to produce handset running at speeds of up to 2.0 GHz.

That’s a major improvement on the 1.6 GHz Intel Aton Z2460 processors, which were used in ZTE’s first Intel smartphones.

The firm also promised that its new phones will also have improved battery life.

Ao Wen, devices general manager for Europe at ZTE, said that new generation phones will build on what was achieved with the Grand X IN, but would not comment on whether they will continue to use the same Android operating system.

He stated the Grand X IN was ZTE’s first flagship smartphone in Europe to feature Intel Inside, adding: “We’ve launched it successfully across Europe in strong cooperation with Intel and as a result have significantly increased our brand awareness in these important markets.”

A spokesman for Intel told TechRadar.com that the partnership came about because the two companies have a shared vision for the future of mobile communications.