Samsung Galaxy Note 8 leaks indicate big design change

New leaks of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 have emerged, suggesting that the fingerprint sensor will not be integrated into the display as many had hoped it would.

Instead, it seems that the sensor will be moved to the rear of the phone, just like the Galaxy S8.

This is according to a report published by Forbes which showcased a new render of the official cases for the Note 8 arriving at an online retailer.

The render – shown below – is from Jonathan Endicott, CEO of the case-maker Slickwraps. The manufacturing CAD of Samsung’s next addition to the Note series shows the fingerprint scanner next to a dual-camera module, on the phone’s rear.

However, it does at least seem that the distance between the sensor and the rear camera has been increased, to prevent users from smudging the camera lens so frequently.

While the phablet is widely expected to have the same Infinity Display design as the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, it is rumoured that the screen size will be increased to 6.4 inches, while also featuring a stylus again.

Due to the design of the Infinity Display, the fingerprint sensor needed to move to the rear of the phone, having previously been included in the home button.

Samsung was rumoured to be investigating the possibility of embedding a fingerprint scanner into the glass display, but the South Korean tech giant appears to have experienced difficulty achieving this.

On the other hand, rumours circulating Apple’s new iPhone 8 suggest that the world’s most valuable company is also striving to achieve this feat, but with apparently greater success.

This would surely concern Samsung, who desperately need a successful launch after the major problems experienced with the previous iteration, the Galaxy Note 7, with numerous reports of the smartphone blowing up.