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Nokia Mobile Phone Reviews

Nokia mobile phone reviewsThe Nokia Corporation is currently the world's biggest manufacturer of mobile telephones, with a global market share of around 36% at the end of 2006.

Nokia also produces mobile phones for every major market and protocol. Nokia's headquarters are in Helsinki, Finland

  • 1865 - Nokia launches in Finland
  • 1982 - Nokia introdued its first car phone, the Mobira Senator
  • 1992 - released of its first GSM handset, the Nokia 1011
  • 1999 - Nokia launched the world’s first WAP Handset, the Nokia 7110,  in wake of the Internet craze.
  • 2005 - Nokia sell their billionth phone, a Nokia 1100, in Nigeria. Global mobile phone subscriptions passed the 2 billion mark.
  • 2006 - Nokia is the world's leading supplier of mobile phones and digital cameras.

Nokia Phones

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