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We got our hands on an iPhone! It's a phone and an iPod, all in one. As always, it seems Apple are leading the way in design.

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  • Size:115 x 61 x 11.6 mm
  • Weight: 135 g
  • Memory: 4 GB or 8 GB flash drive
  • Display: Touchscreen, 480 x 320 pixels, (3.5 inch)
  • Browser:WAP 2.0, EDGE
  • Time:Up to 8 hrs
  • Stand-by:Up to 250 hours
  • Camera: Yes
  • Music:AAC, MP3, MP3 VBR, Audible (1, 2, 3), AIFF Apple Lossless, WAV
  • Connectivity:Bluetooth 2, USB 2, Wi-Fi

The much-hyped and eagerly awaited Apple iPhone was launched at the tail end of June 2007 in the US, with UK availability expected around December this year (review is based on a US model).

The iPhone is a great handheld device that includes a host of impressive features such as an iPod-style music player, Internet browser, digital camera and a sleek touchscreen display, but has it got enough to match the enormous hype?


At first glance you realise that Apple has created a device that many will want just based on its looks. Like Motorola with the RAZR, there is no doubt that this phone will change the industry's approach to how users interact with their mobile for the better.

It weighs 135g and is easy to handle as long as you don’t become over-obsessed over the touchscreen, which will get covered in fingerprints no matter how careful and clean you are.

To start with the iPhone’s multi-touch navigation system is fun and instinctive. The display, at 3.5 inches, leaves you mesmerized with its beautiful bright colours and crisp resolution. The touch sensitive controls include zooming into pictures using just two fingers.

As a phone, the iPhone works well and is fairly simple to use. The browser is impressive, although not as versatile as what you would find on your laptop.

The handset’s music player is similar to the hugely popular Apple iPod and should leave music lovers satisfied. Storage for all multimedia files is vast with the phone’s 4GB or 8GB hard drive.

Other impressive features include the iPhone's durability. According to insiders at Apple the phone can withstand falls on everything from concrete to carpet to concrete, while scratching the handset isn’t as easy as one may think (although these tests haven’t been personally carried out and aren’t recommended!)

The Apple iPhone also has the ability to access voice messages out of sequence - a great feature that should prove a hit with users, as should be its software interaction applications including YouTube and Google Maps.


Unfortunately the iPhone does disappoint, in more ways than one.

These include an absence in 3G connectivity, a lack of support for AT&T's fastest (HSDPA) data network, no removable memory, no flash or java support, no support for third party applications beyond the web browser, a lack of office-suite applications, no voice recording, no instant message application, no support for custom ringtones and no video out even with a third party docking station.

Perhaps the iPhone’s biggest disappointment is its camera. At only 2 megapixel, it fails to inspire and is easily beaten by rival models such as the Nokia N95. The camera also has no video mode and flash for the digital camera.

Other downsides are apparent only once you start using the Apple iPhone, for example it becomes very warm with constant use, and you'll find yourself constantly wiping off smudges with the included cloth. The Bluetooth also annoys as it only works with headsets rather than allowing file transfer.

If that wasn’t enough to make you think twice, the Apple iPhone's software keyboard and predictive text entry is less than impressive. They work reasonably well, but overall text entry is still easier with a hardware keyboard, and the iPhone may not be the best choice for people who need to compose a lot of email.


Overall it seems that with every pro attributed to the iPhone there are plenty of downsides!

The iPhone is deemed too expensive in the US and is sure to be over-priced once it lands in the UK, but despite this it will surely become a major hit with British consumers, as it is the latest must-have gadget that people will want to buy – unfortunately more as a fashion accessory than its ability as a mobile phone.

Once you get past the stunning looks (its hard not to fall in love with the handset once you’ve taken a glance at its incredible design and stylish looks) it becomes clear that the iPhone seems to be lacking some important features and its slow data network is less than impressive – factors that make the Apple iPhone fall short of becoming the new standard bearer in today’s mobile phone market.

Here's a video of the iPhone in action (we think he's supposed to be a magician - watch the coin trick!):

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Tuesday, Feb 12 2008 gave the Apple iPhone 4 out of 5 on Tuesday, Feb 12 2008 i love it
i love every feature on this mobile iphone is awesome, i can bet for this.woo
Reviewed by mercy on Tuesday, Feb 12 2008

Tuesday, Feb 12 2008 gave the Apple iPhone 4 out of 5 on Tuesday, Feb 12 2008 go for it girls
is a phone that does not need to be talked about too much, so sleek is it style, display and sound quality perfect.
Reviewed by dorothy on Tuesday, Feb 12 2008

Monday, Nov 19 2007 gave the Apple iPhone 3 out of 5 on Monday, Nov 19 2007 Not a big fan.
Got the iPhone on release day. As good as it is, the novelty soon wears off and then you're left with a phone that is EASY to scratch! Say goodbye to pockets, and hello to the iPhone!
Reviewed by Craig on Monday, Nov 19 2007

Tuesday, Oct 9 2007 gave the Apple iPhone 5 out of 5 on Tuesday, Oct 9 2007 Wow!!!
Fabulous phone!!
Reviewed by daisy on Tuesday, Oct 9 2007

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